Repair FAQs


Our repair department is temporarily closed.

Please check back for the most up-to-date status.

Repairs are only performed at our Grand Rapids, Michigan location.


Q: How much will it cost to repair my equipment?

Our bench-in fee for non-warranty repairs is $95. This covers up to 1 hour of work and is the minimum charge per repair. Any labor exceeding 1 hour is billed in 1/2 hour increments, so $47.50 per every 30 minutes. If we need to order any parts for your repair, these charges are in addition to the bench-in fee.


Q: Help! I need something repaired ASAP. Do you have an rush option?

We do, though please keep in mind our repair technician is only in on Thursdays and Fridays so we may not be able to accommodate all last-minute requests. It’s an additional $70 if you’d like the equipment back sooner.


Q: How long will it take for you to repair my equipment?

Our current turnaround time for non-warranty repairs is approximately 5 weeks. This is longer than our typical average. Normally, Tube Amplifiers take 1-3 weeks, Warranty Repairs take 2-4 weeks, Solid-State Power Amps and Powered Speakers take 3-4 weeks, Tube Amp Restoration takes 1-4 weeks, Analog Console Restoration takes 4-12 weeks, and most other repairs take 2-3 weeks. We recommend only bringing in repairs where a longer turnaround time is not an issue. Repair turnaround times are not guaranteed, as some aspects of the repair process are beyond our control.


Q: What if I’d like to bring in more than one repair?

You’re more than welcome to bring in multiple pieces of equipment for repair, though please keep in mind we will need to charge a bench-in fee per unit.


Q: When can I drop off my equipment?

We are open by appointment only. Please call to schedule an appointment to drop off your equipment.


Q: Do I need to schedule a repair appointment?

We do not schedule appointments for the actual service, though we do schedule appointments for you to drop off and pick up your equipment. We’ll then call you once the repair is completed. By us having the unit(s) here, there’s always a chance we could get it on the bench sooner than what’s currently estimated.


Q: When do I pay?

We collect full payment once the repair has been completed, at the time of pickup.


Q: What do I need to bring with me when I drop off my repair?

Other than the unit itself, we request you bring whatever cables or accessories you’re using when the issue is occurring so we can recreate the problem to properly diagnose. If it’s a warranty repair, we require a copy of the original purchase receipt so we can submit the warranty claim at the time of completion.


Q: What do I need to bring with me when I pick up my repair?

We request you bring your copy of the Repair Authorization form, as well as a copy of your driver’s license and your preferred method of payment. We only accept cash or credit for repairs.


Q: Can I bring in a warranty repair?

We are a certified repair center for several manufacturers, including Fender, Eden, Korg, Marshall, Orange, Peavey, and Vox. You can bring in a warranty repair for any of these manufacturers.


Q: If it’s a warranty repair, will I get it back faster?

Not necessarily. Warranty repairs occasionally take longer than non-warranty repairs due to necessary correspondence with the manufacturer, requests for schematics and parts, and approval of the final claim once the repair has been completed.


Q: Will you call and update me throughout the repair process?

We typically only call if approval is needed for excess labor or part orders over $30, and when the repair is ready for pickup. Please call us if you’d like to check the status of your repair.


Q: I’d like for you to repair my equipment! What’s the first step?

Please email or call us before coming in to verify that we’ll be able to repair your equipment.