You don’t have to be from Tennessee to be a Volunteer

I’m sure anyone with a television or computer has been watching the devastating floods in Nashville this past week. Fortunately for us , our family that lives just outside of the city was on high enough ground that the only effects it had on them was the inconvenience of traffic jams , and longer lines at the grocery store.
For many others within the flood plain itself, we’ve seen images of everything from flooded homes, heroic rescues in make shift boats and on the lighter side, younger folks wake boarding behind SUV’s. You gotta love that!

Beside the obvious loss of property and mental anguish, and being that this is happening in Nashville or Music City as it is known to most industry peeps , the entertainment business has been greatly affected as well.

I watched a CNN interview with Keith Urban this morning and he pointed out how his people “couldn’t get trucks in” to the facility that stores his stage gear. The facility he’s speaking of is Sound Check and is also known for its sound stages and entertainer support services.

Sound Check is located near LP Field where the NFLs Titan’s play. Situated on the east side of the Cumberland river , Sound Check is just down the street on the same side of the river.

Please see this story that came out today.

Sound Check also stores equipment for some familiar names like Vince Gill, Brad Paisley and Little Big Town as Urban points out in this conversation. It is noted that Urban may have lost his road equipment that includes vintage guitar amplifiers and many guitars seen on his tours.

In the wake of this emotionally turbulent and tragic situation, On Stage Services is making a trip down to Nashville this weekend to offer our resources to our friends in our industry. We all feel like we need to do something to help our industry brethren. Please say a prayer for those whom have suffered so greatly during this very unfortunate event.